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Fighting for Peace 

We believe that every person, regardless of gender, religion or socioeconomic status, deserves an equal opportunity to realize his or her potential. We utilize the sport of boxing to promote socio-economic mobility and to build a shared society.

Through Gloves and Doves, Jewish and Arab youth gain the life skills, self-confidence and connections to pursue their dreams and build a greater future together.

Boxing is unique in that it necessarily fosters respect among its competitors. This sport is a way that Jewish and Arab kids can form lifelong relationships with one another.

Our boxing program integrates children from diverse religious and socio-economic backgrounds .

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Stronger Together 

Tony Milch (Gloves and Doves Founder) ended his own career as a professional boxer in England and moved to Israel, where he works on promoting peace and coexistence between Jews and Arabs by coaching youth and hosting Boxing Events in both Israel and Abroad. 

Milch has already promoted three boxing shows in his first year, since moving to Israel in 2021(Isfiya, London and Majid al Krum). He delivered the message of unity by having a joint team of Jews and Arabs fighting together on the same team in both national and international competitions.

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